Use “Golden Box Silver” necklace to make gold mortgage men twice to stage “the raccoon, change the prince”


Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Liu Xilin reporter Chen Yong) Recently, Mr. Guo walked into the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Qinhuai Branch Chaotian Palace police station alarm for help, saying that he was cheated with fake gold for more than 10,000 yuan, need Police handling. After the police, the police on duty immediately learned about things of the dragon.


Mr. Guo tells the police to the deceived process

According to Mr. Guo, he is the boss of a golden recycling store. The usual main business is to recycle gold, and will give the seller according to the price of the market. At noon a few days ago, Mr. Guo took a thin man in the store, and he went to the counter after a week, he said that he wanted to mortgage a gold necklace. The man said that the brother gave him a gold necklace that day, about 40 grams, I wanted to mortgage because of the lack of money recently.

Mr. Guo first took the necklace name, weighs 45.3 grams, then looked at the color, the weight and colors were very good, so agreed. Subsequently, the two added as a social account friend, and Mr. Guo’s price of 320 yuan per gram, total transfer of 14,500 yuan to the man, and issued a mortgage form to the other party. Before leaving, the man also said that Mr. Guo must keep the necklace. On the same day, Mr. Guo remembered the man in the store to mortgage the necklace. I plan to ask the other party, but I found that the other party was black. Very strange Guo Mr. was taking a necklace to determine the density, and found that it was lower than normal gold density, and he understood that he was cheated, and he quickly went to the police. Mr. Guo tells the police, there is no professional identification of gold in the store, usually by the experience to judge the true and false.

After learning, the police immediately launched the investigation, found that in another gold recycling store, some people were mortgaged with fake gold. After a large number of visits and went to pavement monitoring, the police quickly locked Dongmou, and the time was successfully captured. According to Dong, the fraud of two and fake gold, who is mortgage, is one of him. One month ago, Dong was interviewed by someone who sold the gold style necklace of “Full Silver Surface”, commonly known as “golden bag”, which is a layer of gold outside the silver necklace. He launched a good idea to play two “golden package” necklace with 600 yuan, and then lying in the store is a pure gold necklace, and more than 25,000 yuan is defrauded by fake identity information.

At present, Dongmou has been criminally detained by the Qinhuai police, and related work is further carried out.

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Source: Zappian News