“Extended version” May 1 small holiday comes to the different “friends circle”


Beijing April 29, 2019 / Artists / – “Extended Edition” May Day has not arrived, the ceremony of the office worker is early, I am afraid that all kinds of Raiders are entangled in the heart. I don’t get started at the moment. Down. Before the May Day holiday, the US has inquired some of the relevant services, travel suggestions, travel data, etc. of some enterprises, and discovers people’s travel habits to all aspects of quiet changes, eat, live, travel, travel. It has now a new feature. These changes have also promoted the industrial chain enterprises to take active strain measures.

Don’t want to be a thousand articles, go out to choose personalization

“加长版”五一小长假来临 晒出不一样的“朋友圈”

Every small holiday is a round of friends photography competitions. If you ask those who have personality, what is the most afraid of travel? I am afraid answering is: “The same friends circle”. No distinction, “to this tour”, Selfie nine palace, is difficult to meet the “high-grade sun map” needs.

Check in a local home, a deep tour, is a very sought after travel in recent years. Follow the exclusive recommendation of the love of the superfoy, whether it is the rivers and lakes of the mountain city, or Hangzhou’s literary journey, Tianjin’s humanities experience trip, Guangzhou’s food supreme journey, Shanghai’s exquisite fashion trip, total energy Let people brush a different “friends circle”.

Follow the exclusive recommendation of the East, the exclusive recommendation to experience different cities

Even if you choose to live in the hotel, people don’t want to be a thousand. Hainan is a destination of domestic tour. Sanya Yalong Bay Ruisi Resort prepared exclusive package for different guest groups. There is a Top Top Top Top That Point Track Package for guests who love to take pictures. Astust family package, exclusive romantic Ruiji couple package, as well as the Ruiji holiday created for famous Yashi.

Different people have different requirements for “What to play”, and all the theme parks, resorts, etc. are also prepared. In Beijing Happy Valley, the May Animation Tailings will open the second dollar. In Shanghai, Comic Plus Shanghai Happy Gu Chunfeng Tourism Association and 2019 Shanghai Wishes Carnival 02 strong attack. In Taizhou Overseas Chinese City, a friend can go to the Yunhai Wetland Golf Course Tent, do games, watch movies, and circulate, and then come to a starry sky. In Shenzhen, parents can bring their children to the East Overseas Chinese City to explore a beautiful parent-child time. In Wuhan Happy Valley, Super Children’s Day is about to open.

Wonderful Star Party is about to start in OCT in Taizhou

Don’t you want to boat? Not as good as the whole family

“加长版”五一小长假来临 晒出不一样的“朋友圈”

The parent-child tour is getting more and more popular, the best way to travel all the best in the baby is also a “bubble”. Various hotels strive to improve the travel experience of family tour.

For example, Hainan Yaju Leraz Hotel is sitting in white sand beach and invincible seascape, tropical plants. The hotel will integrate 24 hours a private butler service, spa, transfer machine service, catering and celebration. For children, in addition to the hotel exclusive beach, the Raffles children’s happiness club can also play freely creative happy space, children’s yoga, art and crafts, cooking, beach volleyball and magic and other entertaining activities will leave them an unforgettable Experience.

Hainan Aja Le Raffles Hotel strives to improve the experience of family tourists

Wuxi Suning Kai Yue Hotel is also preparing for parent-child tourists: Rooms have an interesting and colorful children’s toys and children’s products, and the aerial lobby is also equipped with children’s corners. A family package at 65-storey Kitchen Seafood Cows, brought together the boutique of the Mediterranean Menu, and the arbitrary corners sitting in the restaurant can enjoy the city landscape.

“加长版”五一小长假来临 晒出不一样的“朋友圈”

On the way, the baby’s diet will not only take into account health and nutrition, but also portable, Fangguang food to mothers suggest: Chopped fruit, meat food is not suitable for carrying, deteriorating and breeding bacterial risks. Can be replaced with a puzzle, carrying a broken meat. In addition, mothers can prepare some children’s snacks, such as: small egg rolls, rice cakes, small steamed bun, etc., let the baby’s journey is no longer alone.

Don’t play with live travel

A perfect holiday, less than a perfect dress, especially for women who love beauty.

Lativ Struggle Recommended T-shirts with simple, pay attention to detail, is equipped with a strong single product, such as wash old jeans, cotton five pants or elegant dress. On the detail of wearing, the girls can choose a big code or men’s T-shirt, with high waist pants or skirts, which are both slim and can be long. When traveling at home, you can choose the same color T-shirt to create a fashion and simple couple or parent-child wearing.

Holiday travel, Lativ Chengyi recommended to use simple, pay attention to the details of the T-shirt matching different styles

For holidays, the beauty brand is not only recommended for consumers to solve the problem of skin problems, but don’t forget to give practical recommendations.

In May, in the middle of spring and summer, the skin is prone to sensitive, coupled with the boat lard and should adapt to the new climate environment, which is a test for the skin. Lin Qingxuan recommends that consumers have some stable skin care products, especially after the sun. The skin is red, and it can’t be used immediately with washing milk immediately. It will have some stabbed feelings.

The skin is not good, and the top ten beauty can’t save it. When skin tolerance is lowered, it is particularly prone to dull, dry, fine tattoo, card powder, makeup, and other issues. The solution given by Han Boys is that a hydrating product having a targeted ingredient and a small volume can be hydrated anytime, anywhere.

“加长版”五一小长假来临 晒出不一样的“朋友圈”

Industry chain companies have prepared a variety of products and services for people’s vacations, but the travel is a relaxing and complicated thing, there is too much to arrange in advance. There is no problem with the temporary changing itinerary, and some travel platforms have special services to the ticket change, the hotel cancellation. As the industry’s first creation, “the old bought” function of the goal is solved from the technical perspective, the passengers have caused losses caused by complex refundment policies such as returning fees, cabin differences. In terms of the hotel, the “ladder cancellation” policy to meet the temporary changes in passengers, it is also very limited to the loss of losses.

Although May Day has not started, as the summer is coming, after 95, the passengers who have been mainly groups will be prepared for the summer travel plan. Where to go to the Internet, the search volume of Southeast Asian island travel related products in Southeast Asia is nearly 30%, and the pre-reservation cycle is 37 days. Where to play in the summer, 95 have already begun planning.