Winter keep warm and practical boots, I chose this pair


The pioneers of the cold feet, the foot is warm, and there is no layering layer to stack, and the bloated whole person has become light.

Therefore, I have a double snow boots to be relieved in the deep winter season.


Snow boots want to wear, look at the choice



If it is a soft feat, it will make people feel very embarrassed, and there is still a cheap.

Length to the position of the ankle

Compared to long-term, it will be better and better.

Because the snow boots itself is more cumbersome, it is not a fashionable person.

Avoid a variety of colored or very complex styles.

I integrated the above points, I carefully selected a pair for everyone.


Color value and warm snow boots

, Package you like ~


Snow boots, choose it


I am choosing the snow boots, the first point is color.

Don’t feel too much, but you can’t tune too much.

After reading a lot of snow boots, this kind of great satisfied my careful thinking and looked at it.

There is a layer of sequential particles on the surface

Black Gelet Leather

It is possible to see the 5th color under the light of the light, especially the foreign air is also resistant.

Don’t think it is not good, if you accidentally touch dust, wipe it with a wet cloth or hair brush to gently wipe the same direction, every time we put it on the same.

Snow boots, the most basic is warm ability.

When I put it on it, I was surrounded by fluff, and I didn’t feel soft, just like buried into the arms of the cat.

There is 1CM thick in the shoes in the shoes.

And the gray is intensive, warm ability is unquestionable, even if it is sitting in the office, it is not afraid that the feet are frozen into ice, as if they have a small heating.

Snow boots shoes are sighful, and the overall shoe last version is suitable for Asians, and they also pay more spaces in the inside.


Comfortable is not pressed.

I also invite some small sisters with different pedesses of the studio to help try on, and they have praised it. It can be “measured”.


Just the right boots height and sole thickness,


The upper foot is not swollen and has high pressure,

It is too friendly for small children.

It is very light to walk from the way, and it is not budless at all.

Winter must not be reduced by snowfall or rain, so the waterproof effect must be good. This double snow boots have been tested without water droplets, and what weather can be worn.

Sole made

Slipping road design

If you get the ground, even if I am walking on a slippery road, I am not afraid to slip, the sense of security is full.


In addition to the hard texture, let you change, the snow boots can be good responding.

Today, it will bring the snow boots to the snow boots for my little cute.


Bread service + small feet pants + snow boots


In all long trousers, small foot pants are tight, I chose a gray jeans to see fashionable.

The slim pants are also the most match with snow boots, and there is a contrast between the two.

Just to the position of the ankle

It is recommended that you prefer this height.

This double BULINGBULING snow boots can be said to be

Whole look

There is no such effect in any pair of shoes.

Winter clothes want to look light

Tight combination

, You will be tight.


I don’t know where the little cute deep winter season wears the most, I can rush to the top three.


Like this thick coat, choose


Classic concise

It is a wise choice.

If you want to pick a point, you can do article on color, this saturation is just


Cold blue is deeply awkward

The inner or my favorite labeling, small high-end collar, shirts and vest these three are all combined in a real-type warmth, which is not tired.

At the same time, the blue elements of different depths should increase the precision.

Different levels of color block segmentation

,More Advanced.

Put the shirt out of a small corner to break the boring, free and lazy.


Lamb + half skirt + snow boots


I believe that you should continue to wear a skirt in winter, you may choose

Half skirt plus snow boots

The combination is good and warm.

The leggings are essential for cold winter, and the snow boots are also a wonderful partner, so this is the second set of inspirations.

Little high-level governance is a little needed to face the face, and the V-lead the horse can easily relieve this problem.


Winter clothes are relatively thick

Flexible use of belts

It is outside the top of the top, still has a proportion.

I don’t say that this is not wearing this season. I don’t have to worry about my thickening leggings. If I go to the north, I will be OK.

Although it is warm tone, it is still necessary to have a red color, if it is pure black, it is too deliberate.


Still above, with bright snow boots, the entire feeling of people is completely different, and

The lining leg is more slender.


Straight pants + snow boots

Snow boots, casual jeans

It can also look very nice, the legs are not good or the girl with flesh on the legs, still color.

Just learn


There is no problem, the exposed ankle will be more slim under double contrast.

On this LOOK, the element echo method is fully utilized, and the short top of cowboy and lamb hair stitching with straight jeans form a good transition, harmonious unity.


This is very cold at this time, remember to add a scarf, I chose this

Shrimp pink grillat

With blue cowboy comes with a soft contrast, it is more desirable.


I took a zebra bag,


Black stripes and snow boots have also echo

, Fashionable feelings will not come.