Don’t wear jeans in summer, a “green casual pants” is also very good, trend and wild


In daily life, men’s clothing often does not pursue exaggeration, but is based on simple and decent. Most men will use the most basic style to match a variety of styles, although the few basic items covered, but they are always so fashionable.

Take the pants as an example, I believe that most men’s wardrobes in the most leisure units are not in the jeans, thousands of materials, the version and the upper body effect is inevitable, no new ideas, why not try green casual pants, trend, no one, no Strong and fashionable!


It may not be found in that green casual pants have long been popular. Fashion people have put them in a variety of styles in life, so that their image makes people look bright, do you still get up quickly?


Usually everyone will think that green is not daily for men’s clothing, may be too bright to open up and lose their steady and grades. In fact, as long as you don’t choose to choose the green, you will have a bright color, the military green, ink green, grass green, etc. Colors can completely support everyday match.

At the same time, compared to jeans, the material of green casual pants will be more thin, it will not have tight feelings after the upper body, and it is also more suitable for spring and summer. Of course, because most green casual pants have loose properties, the role of modification is not to be underestimated.

First, choose the right version

First, you can depart from the version. According to your own body characteristics, choose the paters that can be modified to modify your curve, fashion and no decent, so that the body looks more superior.

Pattern is suitable for most men, which usually uses a narrow curve design, relaxed hips and thighs, and prevents greasy, which is made of tightness, and is very friendly, and the calves are used. The curve of the contracted curve makes it more restrained.


Direct version of the leg straight


If the calf extends to the hips and thighs, it is a more inclusive straight version. The vertical line masks the leg curve, avoiding the legs of the legs, not straight, so that the body looks more even.


The high-level wear of the straight version is to join the beam design, and the overall use of loose straight version modification curves, and the beam design makes the ankle more lively, so there is more slimming.

The reverse line is a wide leg design, which enabling the veneer curve to extend the visual, so that the overall line is more smooth, and the upper narrow width is calm and does not loses the trend.

In addition to trousers, shorts are also the highlight of green casual pants. There is no too much choice of shorts in shorts. Usually loose tooling straight shorts can adapt to most of them, although we don’t make overall, but directly revealing the calves. Will appear bloated.

Second, the deep shallow and matching of color

Not only the version is a lot of choices, and the permanent point of green casual pants is that the deep shallow of color colors is also different, and it is easy to wear various types with a variety of types of single items.


In the green line, the light color is relatively ground, and the material with a slightly pleated feeling is often brought by a few points of old breath. It is a quite daily item after the upper body. Easily shape the color and match level.

Green with brightness is more age


Most of the men’s clothing does not pursue the bright color, but the brightness is not ignored. Casual pants can make the overall gas field more lively, while large-scale bright colors can make the overall more dynamic, aged!

The same brunette is also quite eye-catching, saying that the military green is a fairly common color color, usually with a few points, but combined with the nature of the casual pants, the horse has become free, even if it is in a suit The jacket is mixed with a mix.

Ink green, dark green This color of this color is not high, but it will be more advanced, and the whole person will be more favorable. At the same time, it can also break the parallel practice on color matching. It is a real over 100 single items without light colors or dark color.

Third, single product combination change


Specifically, how can green casual pants wear more superior? In addition to regular hundred, you may wish to try these wear!

The tooling shorts is combined with a slightly located T-shirt with an Oversize version, which is similar to the high cooling of Morandi, and does not overline. In addition, you can add necklaces, fishermen, or other items to make the overall match more complete, as long as you guarantee harmony, you can easily achieve the trend.


Shirt with green casual pants, shaping gentleman


The wild leisure pants are also embodied in cross-mounds, and how to look at the official shirts and the large trousers, but can use high waist wear in the way to connect, highlight a few points. Fresh, it is not a serious, there is a sense of street gentleman.

If you use a dark shirt, the whole daily will be more stable, avoiding the overall deep color colors cause dull, you can choose the luggage of Laofu shoes to be more light.


Of course, more handsome Martin boots can also be combined with green casual pants. After the upper body, it’s cool, but the whole match is a minimalist style, no matter who can easily get!


Summer is a lively season, you need more novel and unique wear to make you more bright, there is no relationship with it, a “green casual pants” is very good, the trend is a hundred, how to wear Error!

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