Heart-shaped necklace with a sweetness of 100 points, a sweet girl is essential


The necklace, necklace and people comes like it, the more likely, the more you look

Whether wearing a long time, it will not feel greasy, full of gentle breath, let people feel

Love from MyMiss Swan — 爱 系


The necklace uses 925 silver-plated rose gold, gentle temperament increases a sweet breath.

In the heart-shaped two sides inlaid zircon, the flash is full of fairy!

There are two kinds of color, both of them are superior colors.

Small heart shaped pendant inlaid in the middle of a sweet and cute powder

Or inlaid, gentle and pure white, full load and make sense


I can wear both sides


There is a color value, there is connotation,

The back is a model of kissing swan

I believe that the pure romantic love of each girl is yearning.

Minimalizes, overall

It is very eye-catching in the light refracted by the light, it is simply the focus of the crowd, come to GET!