Catalytic Deformation of Formaldehyde UCheer Friendship T30 Purifier Review


The above interpretation of the product is more or less is a pure theoretical description around the product characteristics. However, for the air purifier, there is only one, purification effect. What kind of performance can friendly T30 when facing high concentration PM2.5 and volatile gas? The answer immediately announced.

● Bubble network air purifier test method

Every day, each day, the PM2.5 value is different in the indoor environment, in order to make the test more perfect and stable, we use smoking to make particulate matter to simulate PM2.5 pollution, which is the most mainstream simulation test method.

The test environment is a conference room closes air conditioning and doors and windows. The meeting room area is approximately 19.6 square meters, with a layer high of 2.5 meters, with an approximately equal to 49 cubic meters. By smoking “sweeping”, the final indoor PM2.5 particulate concentration is controlled at 402 micrograms / cubic meters (250 micrograms / cubic meters in national air quality standards for severe pollution), and all testers wear masks in the test environment Reduce human PM2.5 consumption.

Air purifier test environment

PM2.5 initial concentration value

● About PM2.5 numerical evaluation criteria

Before the test results, you need to popularize the background information about the PM2.5 index. Everyday, the value we see in Baidu search PM2.5 is AQI, his full name is the air quality index (AQI, Air Quality Index), this is a meter The integrated air quality index of six pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, O3, CO, which is not equal to PM2.5 index (concentration). China’s current standards,

The average PM2.5 concentration value is less than 35 micrograms per cubic meter for health

催化除甲醛 UCHEER友好T30净化器评测

So we

Air purifier test is purified to less than 35 micrograms per cube with PM2.5 explosion.


AQI is not equal to PM2.5 concentration

AQI is within 50, PM2.5 concentration 35 is healthy

● Ucheer friendly T30 air purifier purification efficiency test

As we introduced, we will control the PM2.5 concentration of 20 square meters of relative to the closed room by smoking. This is the high pollution state that Beijing winter is not common. It corresponds to the home environment to see the T30 application. The most serious pollution is the case.

From the test data form, from 500 to 35 ug / m3 purification for 24 minutes, such a result is compliant with the CADR300’s left and right models. At the time level, although you may think that it is more than half an hour, the contamination concentration in the test environment is greater than the general home condition, and 20 square meters is also greater than the mainstream bedroom, so this purification speed is definitely in the home. There is also an increase in space.

In fact, our test results can only express the “once” purification performance of Ucheer friendly T30, that is, when you just arrived at the purifier when it turns on the purifier. In less than half an hour, 20 square meters of severe explosion tables are purified to health air, and T30 is continuously turned on in low concentration mode, which can definitely maintain your indoor environment lasting health.

● T30 formaldehyde purification efficiency test

Since the main is to fight formaldehyde, this part we have to test everyone. However, for formaldehyde, the media can do very limited, mainly because of the double restrictions of physical health and test environments, so this environment will only test the formaldehyde effect for you. In addition to the formaldehyde test method to use a canned paint to increase the concentration of the indoor formaldehyde and turn on the purifier.

Our simple formaldehyde tester showed that in the initial state, the formaldehyde concentration near the painted area has been as high as 0.8 mg / m3, and the national safety standard is 0.08), this level has exceeded ten times. After the initial concentration was measured, we opened the T30 air purifier. After nearly 40 minutes of purification, the final T30 can reduce the formaldehyde concentration near the indoor paint area to 0.02 mg / m3, and the air quality before the use of can paint is reached. . Of course, it is necessary to point out that the formaldehyde gas that does not turn on the purifier tank paint will gradually volatilize with indoor air flow, but T30 is the biggest hero.

● T30 purifier environment friendship

Because there is no set of wind gear, the power consumption in different wind mode is tested, and I divide T30 into three working modes. The minimum gear is slightly higher than its minimum fan, the intermediate gear position is approximately half the speed of the speed, and the maximum gear is very accurate, and the knob is directly adjusted to the maximum air volume corresponding.

催化除甲醛 UCHEER友好T30净化器评测

In such three different modes, the UCheer friendly T30 purifier exterior wind speed is 3.9, 5.5 and 6.5 m / sec, and we can get several conclusions from this group of data, T30 minimum gear is not over-pursuit ” Sleep mode, the mute, 3.9 meters per second wind speed can feel its continuous delivery air, so you can maintain a healthy breathing space during night sleep.

催化除甲醛 UCHEER友好T30净化器评测

In high wind mode, the wind speed of 6.5 meters per second has not exceeded the medium speed gear position, maybe this is the reason why the friendly EBM fan power consumption is not too high, or T30 does not want to be too much in the product definition stage. Pursue limit performance and neglect power consumption and noise.

In terms of the final power consumption and noise data, let’s look at the table, noise, T30 is equivalent to environmental noise, but also interferes with a small state of environmental noise, if there is a colleague outside the test area This value will also increase 3-4 decibels. The noise in the middle and high-speed gear is 50 decibels, which is the data performance of the mainstream purifier.

In terms of power consumption, if it is extremely interested in this part of the data, the medium speed gear is the working state of T30 performance and power consumption, and the performance does not decline, but the power consumption is just half of the highest speed. Other aspects, T30 low speed mode 13 watts, high speed status 50 watts, in fact, even at a maximum gear 24 hours, it is 1 degree.

Experience Summary: Ucheer friendly T30 is undoubtedly a CH-CUT formaldehyde catalytic technology, which also has seen the air purifier with non-activated carbon structure purification formaldehyde, and mastering the core technology makes T30 different. From the feature-functional level of the purifier, T30 has other compensation, which will undoubtedly let consumers, especially the consumers of new homes, will be selected to T30.

催化除甲醛 UCHEER友好T30净化器评测

Other levels, combined with the Luxury materials of the T30 air purifier dual HEPA and all metal fuselage, it can be used to describe it, high quality is a best synonym of Ucheer friendly T30.

催化除甲醛 UCHEER友好T30净化器评测

Of course, if the T30 is used as an alternate while purchasing, it is necessary to know that it is different from other purifiers. It cannot indicate the indoor pollution state in the manner. It is impossible to let you automatically shut down several hours after sleep. If not Medical manipulation design, I believe that it is indeed a reasonable choice to purchase it in home. ■