Middle and high collar bottoming, wearing a hierarchy


His – enhances men’s image, creating a calm and removing, other platforms.


The middle and high collar bottoming shirt can be said to be a very practical basis in autumn and winter. The high-necked design can be properly wind-resistant, and it can also be superimposed with a variety of items, leaking exquisite collar, and wear hierarchical feel.


On the color, you can have a few more.

For example, the “brown system” of the wild, the “brown system”, and the “beige system”, “Beige”, and universal must-have “black and white”.

The weather is cold, the most important thing is: wearing a coat, leaking a bottoming shirt.

How to stack in the middle and high collar?

Let’s share several superimposed methods very used.

1. Half high collar bottom + shirt

In fact, high-collar worn wearing a shirt is already a gentleman’s style in the fashion world.

Especially the black bottoming shirt, although it is dark, there is no problem.


If the color of the color formed with the white shirt is very eye-catching, it is very refreshing to practice.

Blue white vertical striped shirt with dark red bottoming shirt, is very temperament.

2. Half high collar bottom + round neck sweater


Half-high collar with round collar, it is exactly half-high collar, high and low, and the orange is compared to the blue comparison level.


Round neck sweater is especially suitable for autumn and winter, because it is better than

T-shirts have more levels.

3. Half high collar bottom + hooded sweater


We are also the most classic wear of wear traditional wear.

T-shirt bottom, if you change to a half-high collar?

Is it like a level like it is like above?

The color is as close as possible in the color matching, and the innermost shallow or inside is deep.

4. Half high collar bottom + jacket

The white half of the white half collar came with coffee box, very retro in the year, and it was not fashionable.

In fact, the winter, the shirt is biased, the shirt itself is already a single product, so if you are troublesome (don’t want to wash a dress), it is also possible to match the jacket.


5. Half-high collar bottom + shirt + jacket


Yi Yi Qi’s clothing is always online. I don’t know how to wear it from imitation. You can turn it more than the photo of thousands of people, the style is changed, and the clothes are always online.

White half-high collar bottom + blue shirt + retro water washing denim jacket, three-piece stack, is also clean and refreshing, the teenager is full.

6. Semi-high collar bottom + shirt + suit

Friends feel the black bottoming shirt with white shirts and suits, what is the killing force!

Black – White-Black, “Oreo” stack, black and white, hierarchical, any superimposed can be matched as “Olio” black and white.

7. Half-high collar bottom + shirt + coat

The color of the red blue is very nice, with the high collar of the jujube red, this woolen coat will appear better, even if there is a relaxed shirt or coat, there will be no feeling of dragging.

There is another reason for comparing coats. Maybe you need to take off your coat, and the bottom shirt is also very modified.

In fact, the cold is frozen, a coat is the warmest!


What’s more is to match a little collar.

(, Still very temperament)

How to wear “not monotonous”

Woolen cloth?

The flattening high collar plays the bottom of the bottom, and some people are wearing it very temperament, but some people feel very easy to wear.


“Rustic” and “downs”.

In fact, when you study some daily wear, we will find that accessories details are the most important.


Take a little longer

“Metal necklace”


For example, the high collar white bottoming shirt, with a bad eye, the metal necklace can be used immediately to improve the wearing quality, increase the urban trendyness, and it is very suitable for the commuter dress of the work, neither Zhang Yang does not look at it.

Summary: The middle and high collar bottoming shirts are especially suitable for autumn and winter season, with shirts, jackets, and suits, and coats can be matched, not only look, and the cold, leaking exquisite neckline.

At the same time, it can be used as a necklace in the chest, and the trend is fashionable.