Tfboys Yi Yi Qian Lu “private service diary” – backpack


The national small tide male is always less than a stealing backpack in private service. Today, I will share with you the fashion items of Qianlu, and I also have a sister and aunt powder. Can you follow the pace of the teacher more and more tidal, is not as good as you start from BAG?

Sakun tooth pattern backpack

As a senior Korean, a classmate, the interpretation of KPOP items is not here. This set is simply bright! It is the most good red and black, black and white wave point is really cute to explode, and then with this big to exaggerated thousands of red backpacks; a dark jeans Don’t drag the water, it will not be borus.

Jansport Super FX Series Baroque Royal Backpack

It is said that “Baroque” is quite exquisite, the first bullion is the luxury palace show that the Dolce & Gabbana2013 autumn and winter women’s wedding world fashion circle. Advocating the high gorgeous is the essence of the Baroque style, and the US sports brand JANSPORT does not look at the Baroque element on the backpack, and make fun of fun. Qianhao always likes to integrate all novel elements, put this backpack with fans, young and active and unhappy, cool!

“Handsome” is this proud age. I want to make myself more stronger, more cool, and even more, let others no longer say bad words of the combination, is the wish of this called Yi Yi Qianzhu. Qianlu is in the backpack to play cool, cough, and cough, although we all know that his inner is actually a young girl.

Ye3njoy X Wonder Homie Toleum Hao Knocking Backpack


YE3NJOY is the first time with ancient houses. It is inspired by the center of the body. In the event of cultural relics, “stunning, you will experience the modern fashion on Xiao Qianli to collide with classical aesthetics. Even the city is a piece of jade, it is worthwhile to find a difference between it.


GLAD News Taiji Package

Unforgettable 2014 Yin Yue Festival reveals the secret interview, a thousand brutes of the thousands of people say “My mom bought the Taiji backpack …” The face of the face, remember the host, the host, the certification of the Qianlu That is, “the tide is responsible.” 20140503 Happy Valley should be a lot of fans like the opportunity of Xiao Qianzhu, and the squat is hugging a small bag. It is really ambiguous. Join Jiahe team to go to the group dance and have an infinite stage explosive force!

It is not difficult to see “Tai Chi” is a very difficult trend element. The ancient Tai Chi Qiankun, which means that all things in the world. Although the Taiji is old, this kid has a trick, and it is not ambiguous with a whole dark color. And in the “Easy”, I said that “the 卦 变 变 显 以,,,,,,,,,,, And the intelligence, it is as good as it is.


Vans X Star Wars limited partners shoulder bag

As the most competent “VANS spokesperson” in the fans, Qianhao is in the selection of shoes and backpacks. Vans travel to the distant interstellar world, cross-border and Star Wars have brought a range of limited items. It is worth mentioning that this backpack does not have too much to use the iconic character image in the Star Wars, just combined with Vans classic retro printing. Tell us the most taboo of the Qianhao private service, it is too fancy whistle, and there is no chaotic color, and any single item is in the point, do you remember?

Hatson Elstinko Shark Backpack


I believe that the paper cranes are certainly unfamiliar with this backpack. As a small Qianlu backpack love the top of the list, no matter where he will take it around in recent months, the clothes are changing the backpack. Let me seriously consider it is not hiding only Kuma? Qianlui who likes to be more thanks to the words, and the private service also showed us a lot of examples that can put the tide of Qianhai red. Just I have been confused, what do we think because of red really like it? Is it because you like red? Or because I want him to see red, I like red? Easy boy is I have seen the first one Little fart exclusive mini shoulder bag is still so relieved, and it is simply.