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World’s MOST Pricy Shoes

The world’s most expensive high heels

The world’s most expensive pair of shoes has been unveiled – with a $ 15.1 million price tag The footwear was created by UK designer Debbie Wingham, whose previous creations have included the world’s most expensive dress..

The world’s most expensive pair of shoes is released, and the price is $ 15.1 million. This pair of shoes are designed by the British designer, and her previous works include the world’s most expensive dress.

The incredibly


Jan 7 双语新闻精选:全球最昂贵的高跟鞋,你觉得好看吗?World's most pricy shoes

Footwear WAS


As a birthday gift by an unnamed family and is


In some of the world’s


STONES. The Shoes Feature Extremely Rare Large Pink and Blue Diamonds, Which Alone Cost More $ 13 MILLION.

This pair of chic shoes are a birthday gift that unfamiliar with a family entrusted, and there are some most rare gems on the shoes. This pair of shoes are inlaid with extremely rare large drills and blue diamonds, and these diamonds are worth more than $ 13 million.

On Top of That, There Are Four Flawless Three-


White Diamonds and 1,000 Pointer Diamonds framing some of the iped cake-like detailing. The Handmade


Which Took Hundreds of Man Hours To Put Together, Are Made from Leather Painted with 24 CARAT GOLD PAINT AND SEWED TOGETHER WITH 18 CARAT GOLD THREAD.

There are 4 3 carats on the shoes, flawless white diamonds; 1000 small diamonds around some cakes wrapped in confectionery. This hands-made high-heeled shoe is made of 24K gold coating, and is stitched from 18K gold wire, and time-consuming hours are completed.

Key vocabulary


English / ‘Fænsɪ / US /’ FæNSI /

n. Fantasy; imagination; hobbies

Adj. Imagine; strange; expensive;

Imagination; favorite; ideas;

Vi. Fantasy; Imagination

2, Commission

English / kəame (ə) N / US / Kəamen /

N. Commission; commission; committee; appointed

Appointment; make the service; entrusted

3, Deck

English / DEK / US / DɛK /

N. deck; luggage warehouse; open-air platform

Decorative; armor; dress

4, Rarest

/ rɛərɪst /

Adj. The most precious (the highest level of Rare); the most rare


English / ‘Kærət / US /’ KæRət /

N. Clarke (equal to KARAT)

6, Stiletto

English / STɪ’LETəʊ / US STɪ’L ɛTo /

n. dagger; little sword; fine heel women’s shoes


Garlic coffee invented

Cafe garlic coffee birth

A Japanese man has invented “garlic coffee” that looks and tastes like coffee but is entirely made from locally grown garlic. Yokitomo Shimotai, a coffee shop owner in Aomori Prefecture, started selling his garlic coffee in 2017.

A Japanese man invented “garlic coffee”, its appearance and taste are very similar to coffee, but it is completely made of local production garlic. The owner of a coffee shop in Aomori Prefecture, the square meter is sought in 2017 to sell his garlic coffee.

“IT Contains No Caffeine SO It’s Good for Those Who Would Like to Drink Coffee At Night Or Pregnant Women,” He Said. According to Shimotai, The Drink Was An


Outcome of a cooking blunder About 30 years ago. He Said He Burned A Steak and Garlic While Waiting Tables At The Same Time At His Shop.

Jan 7 双语新闻精选:全球最昂贵的高跟鞋,你觉得好看吗?World's most pricy shoes

He said that this coffee does not contain caffeine, so it is very suitable for people who want to drink coffee at night and pregnant women drink. It is said that this beverage is an unexpected harvest of cooking mistakes from 30 years ago. He said that he was burned into a steak and garlic because of the guests in the store while cooking.

Then He Mashed The


Garlic with a spoon and mixed it with hot water and

To His Surprise

IT HAD “coffee-like taste”. after HE CREATED Trial and Error, He Created A “Coffee” About Five Years ago by useing an electric


To Roast The Garlic. in 2015, Shimotai


Jan 7 双语新闻精选:全球最昂贵的高跟鞋,你觉得好看吗?World's most pricy shoes

The Method and Opened a Workshop in neighboring iWate Preference.

After that, he crushed the burnt garlic with a spoon and mixed it into hot water, and the result was surprised to find it has the taste of “similar coffee”. After repeated trial and failure, about 5 years ago, the garlic in which he was baked with the electric furnace made a “coffee”. In 2015, the patent of this method was taken, and a workshop was opened in Yingsheng County, Linxian.

1, Accidental

English / æksɪ’dent (ə) l / beauty /, æksɪ’dɛntl /

Adj. Unexpected; accidental; attached;

Jan 7 双语新闻精选:全球最昂贵的高跟鞋,你觉得好看吗?World's most pricy shoes

N. Secondary; non-primary characteristics; temporary mark

2, Scorch

English / SKɔːTʃ / Mide / SKɔRTʃ /

Vt. Burnt; make withered;

Vi. Burnt; withered

Burnt; focal

3, to his / her surprise

Let him / her surprised

4, Furnace

English / ‘fɜːnɪs / US /’ fɝnɪs /

Stove, furnace


English / ‘pæt (ə) NT;’ PEɪT (ə) NT / US / ‘PæTNT /

Jan 7 双语新闻精选:全球最昂贵的高跟鞋,你觉得好看吗?World's most pricy shoes

awarded patents;

Adj. Patent; novelty; obvious

N. Patent rights; license; patent product


Shoes help to protect Women

Indian invention anti-colored wolf ‘electric shock shoes’

SEXUAL Assault Against Women Is A Really Big Problem in India, AS Hardly a day goes by without a code being reported in the Media. UnTil Authorities Decide To

Take it seriously

And Adopt a Proactive Approach, An 18-Year-Old Boy Is Trying to Help Women Fight Back Against


By Litrally Giving The Shock of their life.

In India, the sexual violations of women are a very big problem, and the media will report sexual invasion almost every day. Until the government is determined to pay attention to this issue and take a positive measures, a 18-year-old boy has tried to help women counterattacked those invasants.

Siddhaarth Mandala Spent Years Working on The “Electroshoe”, a type of anti-sexual assault footwear That


Attackers by Inflicting 0.1


Of Electricity While Also Alerting Police and Family Members That The Weareer Is in Danger. All The Wearer Has To Do Is Kick T



The “electric shock shoes” in Sadlt Manda latte many years is a defensive shoe. The user only needs to kick the invasive, and the shoes can release 0.1 ampere current electric shock invasive. A alarms issued to the police and the user’s family to remind them that the user’s situation is dangerous.

The electrictroshoe is still in its


Stage and is not available to purchase. But Mandala Has Filed a baslet.

This shoe is still in the R & D stage, and it is currently not available. But Mandara has applied for patents and plans to make it into the market.

1, Take Something Seriously

Treat things seriously

2, aggressor

Ying / ə’gresə / US / ə ‘ɡəɛ /

N. Aggressor; invading the country; provocative

3, Electrocute

English / ɪ’lektrəkjuːt / US / ɪ’lɛktrəkjut /

Vt. (US) dead by electric chair; let the electric shock die

4, Ampere

Jan 7 双语新闻精选:全球最昂贵的高跟鞋,你觉得好看吗?World's most pricy shoes

English / ‘æMPEə (R) / US / æm’pɪr /

N. ampere (standard unit for calculating current intensity)

5, Perpetrator

English / ‘PɜːPətreɪtə (R) / US /’ Pɜːrpətreɪtər /

n. Verifiers; worsum;

6, developmental

English / dɪ, veləp’ment (ə) L / US / Dɪ, Vɛləp’mɛntl /

Adj. development; inspiration


Rail Length to TOP 30,000 km

Total Iron Total 2019 ‘Small Target’

China plans to build 3,200 km of new high-speed railways in 2019, with the total length expected to exceed 30,000 km. The 3,000-plus km of high-speed railways are part of the planned development of 6,800 km of new railways for the new Year as the country will keep Keep




Key vocabulary

Key vocabulary

Vt. Burnt; make withered;


Investment on a Large Scale, Said Lu Dongfu, General Manager of The China Railway Corp.

In 2019, my country plans to put production of 3,200 kilometers of high-speed rail, which is expected to operate more than 30,000 kilometers. According to Lu Dongfu, general manager of China Railway Corporation, more than 3,000 kilometers of high-speed rails are part of the 6800 km of railway new lines developed by the new year, and the national railway fixed asset investment will maintain strength scale.

China’s Railways Are Expected to Transport 3.54 Billion Passengers and 3.37 Billion Tons of Goods this year, lu said. By The end of this year, china Will See 850 fuxing high-speted trains

PUT INTO Service

While the research and development of fuxing high-speted trains Running AT 350 km, 250 km, 200 km and 160 km Will be strengthened.

Lu Dongfu said that in 2019, my country Railway will complete the passenger delivery of 3540 million, the cargo is 3.37 billion tons. As of the end of this year, the revival number of the high-speed rail train that the investment and use will reach 850 groups, and my country will also strengthen the research and development of 350 km, 250 kilometers, 200 kilometers, 200 kilometers and 160 km.

China Will Continue to Promote The Application Of Digital Tickets and Explore More Flexible Pricles


For high-speted trains, lu said.

Lu Dongfu said that my country will continue to promote the application of electronic passenger tickets and explore more flexible high-speed rail fare mechanisms.

Key vocabulary

1, Fixed-Asset

Fixed assets

2, PUT INTO Service

Delivery; make work (running)

3, Mechanism

English / ‘mek (ə) nɪz (ə) m / beauty /’ mɛkənɪzəm /

Mechanism; principle, way; process; mechanical device