October Thai drama latest points: 10 latest Thai drama is coming, you are from classic remarks


In this era of IP, our friendbang Thailand is no exception. For example, the “Your Love, I Invasive Refused” (formerly Name: Accident) has been introduced by Anhui Satellite TV and Youku Hot Broadcasting, and there is a total of 7 versions of TV series and movies. (Click to review 7 versions)

About remake, Thailand is slightly different from China’s concept. Many Chinese classics such as Jin Yong drama, the remark of Qiong Yao drama, most of the audience questioned the new version. And many of the first-line stars will not take such a turning drama, holding a contempt of the remake of drama. But in Thailand is different, many classic IPs will be removed for many versions, and the remake is a very common thing. Moreover, it is a red first star. Each version has a high ratio.


For example, the “life fluctuations” “Swan Qualifications” “Swan Socket” “Three World Episodes” “Three World Executions” “Three World Inn”, the new version of the most popular actors such as Mark, Kimberley, Yaya James Jirayu, etc., each of the feedback is very good, many viewers say the new version of the story is more payable more complete.

Today, take everyone to see some new dramas, these new dramas are radios, and most of them have not broadcast or just launched. For example, “Magic Bed” will be broadcast in November. There are also several protagonists, have not yet opened. Let’s take a look at it.


1. “Starry”

Many Chinese senior Thai fans are familiar with this drama because of AOM and KONG versions, the new version starred by Om Akkaphan and Now Tisanart. Since September 27th, in 7 sets, broadcast 4 episodes every Wednesday.


2. “Blood”

The new version starred by Porshe and @now Tisanart.


3. “Late Confession”

The new version starred by OM and Pooklook.

4. “Peak”


7 old versions starred in Poh Natthawut and Noon, 3 new versions starred by Mark and Kimberley.


5. “Time of the Magic”


The last version starred in Weir and Pancake, and the new version starred by Tik and MEW.


6. “Charged Love”

The 2007 version starring WEIR and KWAN, the new version starred by Tik and Kimberley, is expected to start next year.

7. “Magic Bed”

The “magic bed” dominated by Mario and Mai finally broadcast in November.

8. “Flame Burning”

The new version starred in the Thai drama of many people.

9. “Folk Heart”


The three versions were released from 7 out of the product, and 2018 was starred by Weir and Varitthisa.

10. “Flute long / pihydrawal of Phoenix”

The old version is a work of 3 in 2007. After 10 years, 3 will then remove again. Starring Great and Bella.

Thailand is not only good at remiting the country’s domestic drama, but also the drama level of other countries is also a first-class, such as the successful case “Romantic Man House” “Missing I love you”.