In the winter, in addition to the down and cotton jacket, the horn buckle coat is warm and the wind is windy, and the 40-year-old man is smoother


Winter without coat is incomplete, compared to bloated down jackets, bread clothes and cotton jackets, taking care of the wind and temperature coat, can be said to wear the most hard work in winter.

In the coat, it is the most characteristic of the horn buckle coat, and the 40-year-old man is smoothering.


Compared to ordinary coats, the cow buckle coat benefits from the advantages of the version, fashion and age, middle-aged men wear a young effect.

Of course, I want to better drive the wallet buckle coat, first understand it.

First, the characteristics of the horn buckle coat


Cape buckle coat is also called Duffle Coat

It is born in the army with a male toughness and quality. It can be seen that “only childish men will wear a wallet buckle coat” pure fallacy.

And the walked coat is coveted by many men, inseparable from their own characteristics and advantages.

Orthodox cattle buckle coats have the following four characteristics:

1) use duffle crude fabrics

2) Hood and buckle neck


3) A big buckle dress like a beef

4) Two side pockets matching the length of the knee


Nowadays, there is a modern interpretation, and there is more choices in length. For example, it is more suitable for small hooded coats, and some will save the hood design, but no matter how it changed. The horn buckle is always.


Second, how to choose a cow buckle coat?

For 40-year-old men, jeans should be preferred as the first choice, and fashionable and temperament.

The earth is the most classic color, like a card, camel, caramel color, etc.

Self-brought gentle warm attributes, the only shortcomings are not very friendly for the skin color, and the more the skin is smoother, the more you can look forward to the skin.

In the conservative neutral color system, it is recommended that 40-year-old male

Avoid black and white

, Slightly old gas or not calm enough.

In contrast,


Dark gray

Regardless of the color properties or style, it is more in line with the aesthetic standards of middle-aged men, and the maturity is stable but has a silk high level, and it will not be wrong without picking skin.


In addition to classic color style, wearing the bottom and fashion features excellent, you can choose

Fashion models such as red, grilled, camouflage


At the same time, the age is also more trend factor.


Croissant coat with fur collar

It is not suitable for long-term sorrow, and the body is slender, it is easy to weaken the original man, and it is too “mother”.

If it is a male, it is recommended to choose a short version of the horn buckle coat, the length of the waist position, although there is no taste without the orthodox beck, but it can

Improve the waistline, divide the effect of the upper and lower body body, achieve a highly thin purpose



Third, the matching idea of ​​the horn buckle coat

Cape buckle coat + high collar sweater

Middle long cow buckle coats, the length is just in the knee position, not long, no shortness, and the cold is warm. Take a high collar sweater to create a simple and stylish overlay effect, white casual pants and sweater echoes, the overall shape will not be messy.

Dark cofletic retro shoes and khaki cucko coats, big earth-down, ethical, and seduce to further improve the styling level, and the overall coloring is simple and comfortable is very suitable for autumn and winter season.


Cape buckle coat + jacket + shirt

In general, the version of the walker coat is relaxed, and the costumes of different styles can be selected as the inner and enriched superimposed effects.

Take a short jacket and shirt, taking into account leisure and formal stacking style, whether it is a daily commuter or workplace, it can be easily controlled, returning to the interior, just put the jacket, still have a decent.

Cape buckle coat + vest + shirt

If the body is slightly fat man, you can choose the lightweight, the vest is stacked in the shirt, and the outer cow buckle coat will not look bloated and exposed the body short board. .


Childish men wear a wallet buckle coat, but you are not mature enough! The cattle buckle coat comes with a fashion age-age attribute, and the 40-year-old man is smashed and advanced, and it can also demonstrate the image of Ya.

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