How to deal with the odor in the public POLO? Three ways


Vehicle Status: 2018 Volkswagen POLO, Engine Model: DMB, 70,000 kilometers in 4 years, no major accident

Fault Description: Serious

There are mainly the following reasons for the main inside of the car:

Endiced odor such as interior, seat


Air conditioning airway debris odor

Liquid car fragrance

Fault Cause 1: Interior, seating and other odor

Internal decorations and seats are all cortical and plastic, and the odor disseminated by the material is different.


Solution 1:

Spring and Autumn can open the window ventilation, the hot summer can buy bamboo charcoal, 4S shop and maintenance factory or online sales, the cost is dozens of yuan, that is, the economy is affordable, decorated, seat odor is not in manufacturer Insurance range.

Fault Cause 2: Air conditioning airway debris odor

The open air conditioner will generate moisture, moisture and drafts of debris together, long-term mixed metamorphism produce molds.

Solution 2

: Cleaning the air conditioner, replace the air conditioner filter. The cost of replacing the air conditioner filter cleaning the air in the 4S shop is from 300-500 yuan (including working time), and the cost of replacing the air conditioner filter cleaning the air in the maintenance plant is from 150-300 yuan (including labor time).

Fault Cause 3: Liquid Car Perfume


Many people like to place something such as car perfume in the car. In the hot summer, the temperature in the sun is raised, the perfume is easy to explode, not only will not reduce the odor in the car, but also spread the fragrance, the scent of the car The odor is mixed together will become a strange odor.


Solution 3:

Think of things in the car in the car, you can choose the product of the solid balm. It is not recommended to place it in the center console. There are perfumes in the 4S shop and maintenance plants, and the cost is tens of dollars.


After testing, the car in the case belongs to the odor of long-term, air conditioning, which is recommended to refer to the solution 1. It is recommended that the maintenance of the vehicle, the maintenance of the vehicle is crucial, and the air conditioning filter also needs to be replaced each time, preventing the air conditioning odor.