36 first | Intelligent manufacturing company “Sistegi Technology” won a $ 200 million B round financing, serving hundreds of head companies


36 learned that recently, smart manufacturing company Sistega has completed $ 200 million B round financing, and quickly became a unicorn enterprise. Old shareholder IDG, cornerstone, sesh China, Songhe, Lenovo venture capital, genuine funds continue to invest, new shareholders and capital of industrial resources, the capital, and the bouting capital.

36 first | Intelligent manufacturing company

Sism Technology

Sism Technology成立于2019年12月,是36氪持续关注的企业。作为一家智能制造公司,思谋以视觉检测为切入点,致力于提供软硬件一体化视觉AI产品。由于公司构建了AI系统架构,实现了从软件算法到软硬一体化产品的转变,产品具有较高的跨行业复用能力。目前,思谋的产品已落地于汽车制造、消费电子、半导体和精密光学等多个智能制造领域。

According to MarketSandmarkets, the global smart manufacturing scale is $ 214.7 billion in 2020, and continuously maintains 12.4% annualization growth level, of which the machine visual segmentation field, according to GGII data, China’s machine visual market scale 6.55 billion Yuan (this data does not include computer visual market size), an increase of 21.77% year-on-year. In 2014-2019, the industry compound growth rate was 28.36%, which is expected to reach 15.56 billion yuan in 2023.

In the field of machine visual field, Keant, Kande, etc. Outline Industrial Machine Visual Company mainly uses the exotic output of discrete manufacturing products, to detect the use of universal independent visual modules to occupy a market share; at the same time, in China There are also many technology companies to target intelligent manufacturing, such as Tencent, Baidu, Ali, and entrepreneurial companies focusing on subdivision, such as innovation, Azu Technology.

Based on the industrial AI operating system of Sism, Springs, Springs form more than ten AI Apps, including sorting, data analysis, positioning, quality inspection, etc., due to the new generation of AI system architecture has across mode The ability to continuous learning on the status data can be used to use cross-industry AI algorithm.

On the hardware, Sism has launched a SMORE VIMO industry AI platform, Smore Viscanner intelligent reader, Smore Vineo smart camera, industrial intelligent imaging system, etc. Standard software and hardware products and kits, forming a complete AI intelligent manufacturing system.

由此,在现有能力框架下,思谋能自由搭配组合软硬件产品,为客户解决问题。目前,Sism Technology已在汽车制造、消费电子、半导体和精密光学等领域研发并量产了超过30款智能制造软硬一体化产品,落地于包括飞机、汽车、新能源电池、智能手机、智能穿戴、芯片、精密光学和新一代显示技术等生产制造场景,其中超过80%已在客户生产线上正式运行。

36 first | Intelligent manufacturing company

Siki AI soft hard integrated product

Sism Technology联合创始人兼CEO沈小勇告诉36氪:“思谋的能力具有较强的跨行业可复用性,目前,公司对客户的交付时间,已经从去年的3个月至半年,到现在的一个月时间。”

In the field of automobile production, in October last year, Smei Bearing AI test operations were trial in a 500-strong automotive parts manufacturer of a world. The product can shorten the detection process of the original production line, and perform automatic identification of 23 defect types. Site said that the product has been officially launched, and the quality inspection efficiency can be increased by more than 80%, and the accuracy rate is close to 100%.

In the field of precision optics, Sism and the Global Optical Industry Leading Enterprises to achieve automatic coding and reading of invisible QR code on optical lenses, and developed AI lens recognition analysis sorting package. The apparatus can be hit on a invisible QR code for each lens, which is equivalent to the invisible “ID card.” Thoughtful products can interpret the degree, color, feed manufacturer, and the type of the species of the lens in 0.2 seconds, etc. More than 50 data. At present, the product has been launched in many factories in the optical vendors.

In the semiconductor field, Siemens and many national key enterprises, from wafers detection, to PCB detection, and then go to chip process analysis, and introduce 10 sets of AI + solutions and soft hard integrated equipment. According to Si, the accuracy rate is 99.99%.

在公司营收上,思谋将实现数千万美元级年度收入,Sism Technology联合创始人兼CEO沈小勇告诉36氪,目前,公司营收70%来自智能制造业务,30%来自超高清视频业务。

At the company’s customers, there are currently more than 100 industrial head companies such as Carl Zeiss, Airbus, Bosch, Canon, Mainland Group, Schaeffler, Bosch, Canon, Continental Group, Schaeffler, P & G, and Lega.

在团队成员上,Sism Technology由香港中文大学终身教授,计算机视觉、人工智能与计算机影像学等领域权威专家贾佳亚创办,CEO沈小勇为香港中文大学博士,曾任某头部互联网科技企业最年轻的研发负责人,从0到1建立涵盖研究、工程和行业应用的高效视觉AI研发体系。

It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used in deep-cultivation markets, and increase the development of intelligent manufacturing products technology research and development, and promote more scene scale.