Work in the wild, what do you want to face?


Morning News reporter Yan Chengmin

4 geological investigators were lost, so that the Shao Mountain in the middle of Yunnan Province entered more people’s vision. Also let forest surveys, geological surveys, geological explorations … These strange words that are far from ordinary people live, enter the spotlight. What kind of mountain is the mountain? Why do they need to enter a wild forest investigation? What is the significance of these investigations?

The reporter contacted senior field workers and professional geological experts to listen to those things they talked about.

Event review

The last field survey of four geological investigators

On November 13th, four geological investigators entered the inside of Shaojing Mountain in accordance with the plan, turned over the mountains and arrived in Xinping County, Yuxi City to complete the scheduled task. They plan to go down on the afternoon or 14 am on the 14th, but they did not go down within the planned time.

These four people came into the mountain to carry out forest resource surveys, carrying compass, essays, shovel and other tools, and about 1 day and a half. Among the four incidents, the largest 32 years old, the smallest 25 years old, I have been a soldier.

No one can think of it, this is their last executive task.

A few days ago, search and rescue personnel mainly surrounded the legacy of the lost person’s legacy, drinks such as chocolate, beverages. On November 20th, according to the headquarters of the rescue action, after carpet search on the downstream direction of the lost person’s simple camping port, in addition to the discovery of the staff excreted, two creeks downstream of the feces A raincoat debris was found in a mile, and a raincoat fragment was found. After confirming the driver of the lost unit, it was confirmed that this raincoat was the material carrying it.

At 18:33 on November 21, the search and rescue headquarters received the search and rescue report, in the Xinping Tang Town, Xinping County, Yuxi City, Shao Yuxi City, and the southeast direction of the sample is 1.85 kilometers from 1.85 kilometers, and there is no life. Signs. After the command was reported, it immediately arranged the six rescue teams nearby to pick up, and set the adduction point at the old Eagle Tang from 3.58 km from the discovery.

At the same time, to the center of the 4th excessive person to the 4th placement in the center of the discovery location, at 8:32 on November 22, the fourth excessive personnel have no vital signs, and the body transfer work is being launched. Relevant reasons are in deep investigation.

In fact, geological investigation work is always facing a certain risk. In addition to the forest survey, there are also geological investigators, geological explorations, and their work is very difficult and dangerous.

According to the disclosure, the Shao Mountain is located in the middle of Yunnan, China. It is the extension of Yunling to south. It is the boundary line of Yungui Plateau and the cross-sectional mountain range, and also the watershed in Yuanjiang and Anguang. The scope of the Shao Mountain is very wide, involving Chuxiong City, Shuangbai County, Nanhua County, Pu’er City, Zhenxian County, Yuxi City, Xinping County, only in the area of ​​Pu’er City 135,000 mu.

How is the ridiculous hanging? The mountain high slope steep, the terrain is highly distributed, the climate is discounted, the original forest fog is heavy, there is no road, no communication signal, all of which brought difficulties to field activities.

“Wild circle” vibration

A “old driver” is beyond imagined “ready for reason”

These two days, the death of 4 incidentists, in the wild workers and outdoor enthusiasts, formed great vibration.

“Cat” staff Song Dazhao is one of them, as a public welfare organization for protecting cat classics, have ran many places in more than ten years, “There may be us in the place where cats. These cats may be in the plateau. Mountain, it may be in the desert, may be humid in the south, which may be dry forest in North China … “

What kind of experience is it in the wild? Song Dazhao said that nature is beautiful and true. Wilderness is not the color and light shadow in the photo and friends circle, where there is the truest wind, temperature, rain, cold, hot, dry, venom …

Once entering the wild, human beings returns to a state of prehistoric, you need to face everything from nature, whether it is its beauty or cruel.

Many people ask Song Da Zhao: “Are you in danger? Is it fans?”

As a field “old driver”, Song Dazhao said: “Every time you go out of the wild, I am fans in the mountains.” Song Dazhao will prepare in advance before the wild. From the weather Forecast to the local terrain; far from the route, where to rest can be camping, will be planned in detail on the satellite map.

The more you are ready, in a strange environment, you will not deviate too far from the preset line. There is such a sentence in the outdoor circle: “It is already ignorant in the play outdoors, so every step is reasonable.”

Song Dazhao said that there is a very normal thing in the forest, especially when looking for animals on the mountain, you will always take a look at it, it is easy to deviate from the beast. And what he can do is: No matter how it is lost, you can find the road within 100 meters.

Before you go out, Song Dazhao will generate a backup document to the road plan, the principle of backup should be reflected in all places, such as food, if you have a day, you will prepare for two days. Then send the backup file to a friend, and inform the action plan, and the rescue window: “If I have no news, then hurry to save people.”

Work outside, suitable equipment is important. “This is appropriate, one is to correspond to the environment, the other is to match your body.” Song Dazhao hit a more than a moist forest in Yunnan, a pair of 30 yuan military rubber shoe than a pair 2000 The hiking shoes of the dollars are more suitable because its rubber bottom is very soft, and it is less slippery on a slippery trunk and stone. But on the plateau covered with snowstone beaches, a pair of hiped hiking shoes is more suitable.

Song Dazhao often saw the staff in the wild, in fact, this is very uncomfortable for the wild homework, the camouflage itself is not a problem, the problem is its fabric, whether cotton or polyester blend, is not suitable for outdoor activities Apparel fabrics, because wet is not easy to dry, heavy windshields are limited, and warm performance is not good.

Song Da Zhao often said to his colleagues: “I have to recognize it. I didn’t grasp it on the mountain, I was withdrawn, safety first, the second.”

In fact, every time I go to a strange area to investigate, Song Dazhao is very nervous before going up the mountain. It’s good to walk on the mountain? Is the physical fitness? How many foods need you need to prepare? Lin Zizhi is insightful? Do you need to overwater? Is there a cliff? …… This tension will drive him over and over again and strive to determine the best route and confirm whether your equipment is appropriate.

When everything is ready to prepare the wild, Song Dazhao must do the charm of wilderness, breathe fresh air, and look for wild animals.

expert’s point

A genital professor of geography’s awe of nature

How is the geological exploration? The online circulation of such geological exploration graduates ridicule-style description – “Waiting for all the year round, there is a money to make money, no bonus.”

What is this mysterious profession?

In this regard, Professor, School of Geography Science, East China, explained that first, we must first understand the purpose of geological exploration, usually include the census and exploration of mineral resources, all kinds of geological disaster surveys, engineering surveys, and serve the geological landforms in Earth science research. Wait.

In actual production and life, geological exploration is widely used. In short, all engineering construction needs to be clearly understood in advance. Any project must do a good job in exploration and mapping of site terrain, geological and hydrological conditions.

When the geological exploration staff investigates rocks, formations, structures, minerals, hydrology, landforms, etc. in a certain region, in addition to the instrument that may bring Earth physics, surveying and mapping, etc., may also need to carry geological compass, geological hammer, satellite Telephone, handheld GPS, laptop, etc.

In fact, geological exploration work is not only serving the national strategic resource reserve system, but also serves general civil needs. The rise of the entire industry also promoted the opening of the colleges and universities, and the prospects of employment were also very vast. Lu Honghua believes that “the environment of geological exploration work is hard, but the meaning is extraordinary.”

Overview of the heavens and the earth, the formation is caused. This is the goal of many geological and geographical professionals.

It is worth mentioning that field inspection and exploration is only just the needs of geological majors, geographic majors, especially natural geography, but also need to carry out field investigations. Lu Honghua said that “these two major major need to go to field research. Only this can get true and reliable first-hand information.”

In the experience of Lv Honghua, Tianshan Wild Surgery, I have also encountered danger, and I have also had the experience of moving the team’s “tension”, and a group of people want to go faster, and I have left a small road. I didn’t expect it. At the end, it is a cliff!

In the wild, there may be dangers from nature, such as floods, mudslides, etc. caused by mountain weather mutations, and there is also a danger that individuals have neglected, and they need “walking, seeing, watching, see can’t walk “. “On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent these possible dangers. On the other hand, it is necessary to prepare enough.” Lu Honghua explained that “as long as it is fully, there is a corresponding knowledge reserve and carry-on equipment conditions, you can do it without panic For example, in the mountains of the mountains, there must be a high place to run high on both sides, rather than running down. Before goinging out in the wild, you need to fully understand the relevant self-help knowledge. “

“Whether you are in the wild, whether it is equipped, or psychologically.” Lu Honghua said, “Love the Wild Surgery Test Work, it should reflect the heart of nature, because this is responsible for himself. It is also the responsibility of other members of the team. “

Source: News Morning News