Buy socks – send socks, hair bands, stainless steel cups … This wave of welfare is really going to fight!


Source from the URG marathon five-toe socks that have been sold, the upgrade of 12 months – “URG Marathon 3.0 Marathon Wahas” starts today’s spot special offer.

Original price 59.9-69.9 yuan per pair, spot special offer:

3 pair

99.9 yuan, one gift

Value 2

5 yuan limited edition hair band; 5 pairs

149.9 yuan, one gift


60 yuan limited version of the stainless steel cup


And it’s all.

Next, I will introduce you to the new upgrade, the world’s first double add three black technology blessings “URG MARATHON 3.0 Marathon 5 趾”!

Comprehensive upgrade, three big black technology blessings


We can find more than 40 pairs of use through keyword search in the world’s most famous outdoor products.


® yarn

And Lycra


The socks made from Laika splash fibers, and the average price of selling is almost about 15 US dollars, and it is international brand!

And “URG Marathon 3.0 Marathon Wahas” also uses these two materials, but it is more than this.


Coolmax® Core yarn

“URG MARATHON 3.0 Marathon Hourly Hand” uses the top Coolmax® Core yarn for socks in the US Coolmax® yarn series,


The unique four-trench cross section has excellent breathable sweat performance, which can quickly take moisture from the body surface to provide a cool and dry sports experience.

No matter what extreme weather conditions, its sweating effect is excellent. A beautiful five-toe sock is only in the high-end product line, which has a Coolmax® Core yarn, and its price is more than 100 yuan!

LYCRA® Leva Slare Fiber

“URG Marathon 3.0 Marathon Wahal Sock” also uses Lycra


Leka stranger fiber, it can be free to pull up 4 to 7 times, and after the release, the original length will be quickly returned.

It can also continue to maintain high strength elastic effects, excellent foot pack, and is more durable, away, run, and continuous washing is not easy to deform.

Including world-renowned outdoor socks brands such as Thorlos, Feetures, Fox Rive, Wrightsock, Lorpen, Gore Running, are also using LYCRA

Lai Ka Silitary Fiber Making Products, their sales average price is also around $ 15!


Antibacterial Black Technology

What is Polygiene® Antibacterial Black Technology from Sweden?

First clarify one concept, Polygiene

It is not a fabric name, but a black technology aid from Sweden, which is added to the related fabric by silver ions to prevent bacterial growth of the fabric surface (ie, your foot stink source), and does not affect the natural flora of the human skin. Simply, Polygiene


Can antibacterial bactericidal. Not only that, but it can still kill the virus, and scientists have put Polygiene in the laboratory.

The resin container is placed in an experimental warehouse full of viruses, and it kills 99% SARS virus in 8 hours!

Test certificate (upside down, view full text)

The world’s most well-known mask brand Airinum has been using the Polygiene® Antibacterial Black Branch manufacturing mask (price of 300 yuan) in its high-end product line (price of 300 yuan), including Maloja, Everbasics, ASRV, PS Health Care, etc. World famous brand began with Polygiene

Antibacterial black science and technology cooperation, producing an anti-hypog interpose.

The whole socks treated by Polygiene® antibacterial black technology can be used to antibacterial smell, deodorization, do not harm the skin’s natural flora, the antibacterial rate is as high as 99%,

Guaranteed that the continuous wear is not stinky!


World Face, Peak Performance, Hilly, ZERO FIT, YONEX, KAILAS, DISISENT, INOV 8, etc., well-known outdoor sports brands, are made of Polygiene® antibacterial black technology production professional sports socks! But price


All over 100 yuan



POLYGIENE® Antibacterial Black Technology

“URG Marathon 3.0 Marathon Wahas”, the price is more close.

New color, full, detail

Not only the real material is applied, “URG Marathon 3.0 Marathon 5o-toe” is also beautiful enough, and it is full. The texture is more soft, the version is more tight, the cover is more supported, sweat-absorbent breathable, more convenient!

In addition, “URG Marathon 3.0 Marathon Wahas” has many details worthy, accompany you to run thousands of kilometers of feet, worthy of good care ~

There is no seam toe version to ensure that the toes are naturally separated, increase the flexibility between the toes, preventing a blisters, helping the dishwat, and is good for long time.

The preformed plus high U-shaped socks are easy to protect, prevent grinding, avoiding sandstone to enter the footwear.

Thickened plums, close to the stickers, can greatly alleviate the landing impact on the back of the arch.

In response to the problem of sweating with the foot and the feet, the roller gas absorber structure is used, and the moisture absorption is better, more comfortable.

Special additional V-type pressure control strips can effectively lock the arch, support activities, and ensure the gripping force and balance required for the feet.

All kinds of sports scenes can wear


Now that you have entered the summer, the national temperature is generally raised, and the lightweight low help can wear it immediately! As for the middle gang, take the discount of the new product, first in the first batch, prevent socks from being hateful, and in the middle, even in the summer, the occasional off-road training or competition can be used!

In addition to road runs and cross-country running, barriers run, iron three, bicycle, targeted cross-country, hiking, hiking, yoga, fitness, etc., this five-toe socks are also applicable!

Now there is an order, there are preferential activities

Promotion: There is a delivery


Buy 3 pairs of new five-toe socks to get value

25 yuan limited edition hair band

, Buy 5 pairs of god value

60 yuan limited edition stainless steel cup, but also it.

Such a pair of various aspects pursue a professional high-performance marathon five toe sock! But limited to slogans, so I use the north to describe talents!