3999 yuan, TP-LINK Shengshi series AX11000 router pre-sale: support 160MHz bandwidth, three-frequency 10G-level WiFi6e


Thanks to IT Home User @hnwwa’s clues to delivery, TP-Link Shengshi series AX11000 Tri-range Super Wi-Fi6e wireless router is now on the Jingdong, pre-sale price is 3999 yuan.

IT House understands that the router supports 160MHz large bandwidth, with mobile phone uses to support 160MHz bandwidth, the theoretical channel speed is twice as much as 80MHz frequency and wide router, but also supports 4KQAM modulation mode, the peak speed is increased by 20%, using three-frequency 16 Flow, with a total volume of up to 1536 units.

3999 元,TP-Link 盛世系列 AX11000 路由器预售:支持 160MHz 频宽,三频万兆级 WiFi6E

The router has a Turbo button, a 10G custom network port, a 10G network port, four Gigabit network ports, a USB3.0 interface, a “easy exhibition” button.

3999 元,TP-Link 盛世系列 AX11000 路由器预售:支持 160MHz 频宽,三频万兆级 WiFi6E

In addition, the router supports three-frequency concurrent, providing three independently uninterrupted independent WiFi signals, and also supports band custom functions, freely set the band to “Game Special Frequency Section”.

The router uses three-frequency MESH, three-frequency aggregate backhaul, and the backhaul bandwidth is larger, even if the delay is lower, and the signal is more resistant.

3999 元,TP-Link 盛世系列 AX11000 路由器预售:支持 160MHz 频宽,三频万兆级 WiFi6E

TP-LINK Shengshi Series AX11000 router has now raised the official flagship store in Jingdong TP-LINK, pre-sale price of 3999 yuan, deposit 100 yuan can be 1100 yuan, it is expected to be shipped on October 31.