Inject refreshing orange powder: Tous Tao Silk 2015 new bear fragrance Neoncandy listing


Spanish fragrance brand Tous (Tao S Rob) recently launched 2015 of the latest bear fragrance Neoncandy (neon sugar), as a brand in 2002, the classic Tous EDT female incense, the new neon sugar perfume in the original The transparent bottle is injected into pink gradient, while retaining the family’s most deepest wing bear bottle cover, and forms a stark contrast with the bodies of gold.

Pattern NATHALIE LORSON with citrus, Buddha, green apple, and pink pepper open fresh forward, moderately fused, graceful peony, fragrant jasmine petals and sweet raspberry breath, tone chooses cedar wood aroma, vanilla and musk The returning is warm and calm. The contrast of the old Tous Tous is based on white floral, this more emphasizes the fruits of citrus-based fruits, more suitable for sexy, energetic girls.

This concentration is EDT, with 30, 50 and 90ml three-medium specifications available, has recently logged in to Tous official website for sale, priced from £ 39 (about 360 yuan).

注入清新橘粉:TOUS 桃丝熊 2015新款小熊香水Neoncandy上市

Tous Tao Silk Neoncandy ladies perfume

Reference price: 39 pounds (about 360 yuan)

Buy channel: Tous official website