10 years ago, we have chased these four-pairs of shoes, should not be forgotten today.




Zhou, a newsstick in the news:

The first-line brand of China’s county is, and acquires a commercial use right to use a US basketball brand.

Looking up at Yeezy and NMD thoughts less than 10 years ago, 10 years ago, this acquired brand, in China, with Nike, Adidas, leaving a deep brand in a generation of people’s memory.

Yes, this brand is “AND1”.

Du Shao I got school, And1 is a no-folded tide brand, wearing it, that is, announced to everyone:

“My buddies I mixed the street circle”.

Put on and1, always feel that you are more close to “Street Basketball”, which is more distinctive.

Although the streetball skills of the “Street Ball” will be turned on, it is only to make a few patterns, and the basketball will fly out, and the side of the students will be smashed.

Unexpectedly, this is 2016, saying goodbye to us, not only Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, actually has And1.

In fact, not only And1, I don’t know,


Those who have been chasing the shoes that we have chased have been curtaining, only in memory.


1, And1 tai chi – dunk boots


In the most fire in And1 shoes, when TAI Chi – Tai Chi.

When And1 launches “Tai Chi”,

They didn’t expect themselves. After a few years, this pair will help them blow up a day in the Chinese market.

Borrowing the Chinese Taiji pattern of yin and yang complementary concepts, the inside of the shoes is used in the outside with two completely different colors.

Ultraway is like a Taiji pattern

What’s more, it’s more,


“Tai Chi” insole prints with a set of martial arts cheats – Tai Chi

Unlike today, the foreign fashion strange people have not taken Chinese elements as a baby, and they are wearing themselves.

Wearing this pair of tensored shoes, it can be a patriotic behavior that promotes the quintessence.

Can you really attract middle school students, or the story between “Vince Carter – Wens Carter” and this pair of shoes.


In 2000, NBA was returned to the All-Star Weekend Dunk Competition after two years.

That game gathered “TRACY MCGRADY – Treis McGrady”, “Steve Francis – Steve Francis” and other all-star players, the scene is very large.

But that night, it belongs to Carter.

The turning 360 degree anti-hand buckle, the big windmill dunk is on the ground, the arm is changed to change the buckle, hanging arm dunk

Carter seems to have a wings, and connect an incredible dunk action.


I have seen his dunk, all middle school students are crazy, can get rid of the gravitational gravitation as him, become the dream of everyone.


One to the courses and lunch breaks, the self-biser boy runs to the playground, and the former servants jumped to touch the basket, the broken backbound on the school playground, left countless dirty handprints.

Although you can’t dunk, but wear Carter’s shoes, you must have a few centimeters. For a while,

Everyone is in listening, the double red white ball shoes, what brand is


At that time, there was no Carter of the sponsored sponsors, and the feet were wearing it, it was And1 “Tai Chi”.

In TFBOYS, I also read kindergarten’s 00 years, middle school students buy basketball shoes and valued, nothing, but whose spokesperson of this pair of shoes.

They thought that “Tai Chi” is Carter exclusive shoes, and they are looking for And1 store in their own city, just to buy this pair of shoes, I am the same.

It can be said that Carter makes And1 from the small brand, becomes the proof of our basketball belief.

2, Question 1 – rebel boots

10 years ago, if you see a middle school student wearing a big one-size T-shirt, and if you can put it in the three legs, then he is eight nine-eight-eighti is the fans of “Allen Iverson – Allen Evison” .

These students who like Ephsen have a rebellious heart.

Wear like this is just to pay tribute to idols.


Of course, all Ephsen fans have a good fortune to have a pair of his shoes.

In 1996, I just entered the NBA’s Iverson, I was also signed with ReeBok with Nike and Adidas chambers.

Reebok is also very angry. Since Ephsen is seen as a problem, the sure is named “Question – Question”.

Later, the problem children Ephsen became a superstar, and the rivers and lakes sent nickname “Answer – Answers”.

Reebok also changed his signature shoe series to “Answer”

However, Ephsen’s most classic signature shoes, always his first pair of shoes – “Question 1”.


Question 1 change Reebok compulsive style, use a simple piece of block, the side of the shoes is transparent,

Complete the unique hexagon structure of “Hexalite” insole

Evusen, who was in the beginning of the year, was wearing this pair of “Question 1”, shaking Jordan wearing “Air Jordan 12”. It seems to be announced to people:

“The old king is dead, the new king is standing”

In the design of “Question 1”, Reebok is also aimed at the AIR Jordan of Nike.

Ball shoes Blowing technology use “Hexalite – Honeycomb Technology”,

Reebok is hoping to use this most advanced technology, called the board Nike Zoom Air

Compared to ZOOM AIR air cushion, “Hive” uses hexagonal geometric connection structural dispersion, and the cushioning effect is very good.

In China, I will see two middle school students, wearing Question 1 and Nike, jumping from the heights, who is homony, who is homony, and the shoes are lost:


Reebok combined with the best young players at the time, only for dry nike, surpass Jordan.

Thunder, although I have killed the finals in 2001, Ivorsen has not been able to obtain a championship throughout the career, and officially announced in 2013.

ReeBok was acquired by Adidas in 2006 and is redefined as a fitness brand, no longer designing new basketball shoes.

Dooted Nike


Beyond Jordan’s dreams, as we have ever forgotten over time, just as you have a dream, no one mentioned.


3, Air Zoom Huarache 2k4 – Yuan Shu Boot

In 2004, “Kobe Bryant – Kobe Bryant” launched the first double signing shoe Zoom Kobe 1 in Nike, there is still 2 years, but you can hear the middle school students in China –

“Lying! Who bought a double barbye next door!”

“Kobe” in the middle school students,

It is Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4, everyone put it as a Siberi’s signature shoes

In 2002, Kobe was investigated by Adidas. At the end of that year, Nike did not sign from Kobe, already in design Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4.

Two things seem to have no connection, but Nike has added “Kobe” in the 2k4 design on 2k4 design –

The balloon is very well deserved.


On the list of later sketches,

There is still a word “8” in the jersey number “8”.

Many people believe that this pair 2k4 should be called “Kobe 1 – Kobe 1”.

However, in the year of signing the Nike, Kobe has passed the “Eagle” incident suspected of rape. Worried that the brand image is affected Nike, remember this pair of shoes nike air zoom hurache 2k4.

But 2K4 is preserved as classic, not only because it is Kobe’s first pair of shoes, but because it is a good shoe.

2k4 uses a classic high-top design, NIKE’s logo appears in a visual location

On both sides of the ankle are Huarache iconic high permeable, unique appearance, making it aware of it.

In the cushioning technique,

2K4 use Nike already very mature zoom Air technology

The front and rear palm mats are very conscience.

In the middle of the ball shoe, it is placed in 2 carbon panels, making the anti-twist in front of the ball and more stability.


Carbon board technology is now extinct, and the carbon panel is never forgetting, it is 10 years ago.

Such excellent shoes, the price is naturally not rich.


2K4 price is 1250 yuan, in 2004, China, this is not a general family can afford.

So many of the middle school students who like Kobe, pay tribute to the idol in a pair of hobs

Some people spend 220 yuan to buy a pair of fake 2K4, and there is no difference between the real shoes, and immediately deceive the class flower first kiss.

In this way, 2K4 sent 1 gorgeous assists in Putian, Putian.

This year, Kobe finally finished his long career, this pair of shoes were brought into hot fried,

Think of 12 years ago, you can only give yourself in the water, let people

4, T-Mac 3 – 鸳 之 boots

On the popularity of China, no one can compare with the “TRACGRADY – Tereshi McGrady”.


10 years ago, on the wild ball field, you may not see people who are wearing the jersey, but they will definitely see middle school students wearing a variety of pirated Madi jerseys.


In 2004, McDi Join Rocket, became a teammate with Yao Ming, creating a miracle of 13 points for 35 seconds.

It was gone between the time. His ball shoes are also treated as a holy film


In those years, you can find all 6-generation Adidas T-Mac in China’s middle school.

In the past few years, the school’s student achievement has risen straight lines, and the teacher and parents open my eyes, thinking that this helper is finally open.


In fact, they tried the motivation of the book, just think that the moon test can rise up to 100, and persuade parents to buy a pair of T-Mac.

Some people have made a statement, and after a few years, I actually take the Peking University; someone gets it after it takes it, and I have no homework, and then I will sink Lan Xiang.

But there are always things, the names of money and exams are indispensable, such as the 2004 NBA All-Star Maddi’s feet of this pair of T-Mac 3.

Before this all-star game, Adidas prepared two pairs of different colors of T-Mac 3 to Madi, let him choose.


McGrady also does not push, the left foot is red, the right foot is blue.

This red blue twin shoe is called “鸳鸯” by Chinese fans. Although the name is so good, it is a block heart disease –

Shoe store sells two red, but also sells two blue, but never sell a red blue …


Imagine McGrady to wear, only one road in front of you: Buy two pairs.

T-Mac in price is more than 1,000, buy a pair to have a year with parents for one year, buy two pairs of basic equal to dreaming.

But the wisdom of the masses is endless, some people want to have such a way –

Find a classmate of a shoe code to buy shoes together …


McGrady has already announced from NBA in 2013.

The T-MAC series is ended after the sixth generation.

In 2014, Adidas announced that the T-Mac 3 “鸳鸯” was different from 10 years ago. This time, the dream of selling a red blue, a lot of people in the year.

But this pair of self-contained shoes have a housing of T-Mac 3, and the shoes technology are severely reduced, and even T-Mac 3 is also canceled.


This does not affect people to queue this pair of shoes.


Not only this double T-Mac 3 “鸳鸯”, now,


Many classic shoes are re-released after retry, no exception is that the ball shoes are all shrinking.

Ok, for those who buy them, the science and technology is not that important.


Babble in Middle School is for playing, but it has no income; now you have income to buy shoes, but there is no time to play.

Still is still in these shoes, only because they have a matter of remember.

Today, the crown is sold with the basketball shoes of “limited edition”, “brand joint”, and sells 20,000. However, they are not related to basketball.

Back 10 years ago, what we like is not a basketball shoes, but a basketball, it is the day when you don’t worry.


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