Recalling forty years of kitchen changing Ai Shida


With the continuous upgrade of life quality, people’s understanding of the kitchen is constantly updated. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the iron pot stove carries the rustic memory of countless people; the 1990s, the first generation non-stick pot, pressure cooker, stainless steel kitchen utensils into thousands of households, changed the cooking habits of Chinese consumers; since the 21st century The kitchen is gradually being ruled by electrical products and actively in the direction of networking and intelligence. Forty-year social changes, each small change in the kitchen, reflects the advancement of technological innovation and era. One of the experiences and director of this change, in the past forty years, Ai Shida has injected a full positive energy for the Chinese kitchen.

Potential – Non-adhesive

Recalling the kitchen, coal furnace, old iron pan and rolling smoke, will immediately appear in mind. The emergence of “non-stick” in the cookware industry is undoubtedly a heavy weapon of the traditional market pattern. At that time, the “Wenling County Metal Products Factory”, the main bronze luggage accessories, Almather, smelling this opportunity, resolutely decided to render the huge capital of the cookware market that entered the huge potential, truly embarked on the way of branding.

追忆四十年厨房变迁 爱仕达引领革新之路

After mastering the core technology of the non-stick pan, Ai Da has begun to produce non-stick in 1989, leading the leading international leading cooking concept and manufacturing technology into China, and quickly stands quickly in the market. Lets countless Chinese families who pursue high-quality kitchen live.

In the middle and late 1990s, another milestone product entered the consumer sight – “Pressure Cooker”. In response to the general concern of the new product safety, Eshida has developed the highest level of six insurance pressure cooots in the industry in 1998, which is generally recognized and welcomed by Chinese consumers, once again made historical contributions to the kitchen equipment upgrade.

Tag – I don’t know how tired “technology madman”

Before the 1990s, the cookware industry has little development, 90% of the products are mainly aluminum and iron, and the core technology is mainly cold, ordinary mold manufacturing and manual surface treatment, and technology content is generally low. With the improvement of demand and the entry of international cookware products, this situation has gradually broken. Under the dual pulling force of demand and technology, the new faces such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and composite materials have appeared in the market, function, and colorful, meeting the requirements of thousands of Chinese families to improve the kitchen environment, but also provide the innovation and upgrade of Eshida. High quality outside environment.

At this time, I’m in the golden period burst out of the market demand, and I also entered the honeymoon period with technology innovation. Ai Shida is an enterprise applied to cookware manufacturing in China. It is one of the three patented enterprises that have obtained three patented products in the single product pressure pot. Following the non-stick pan, the six insurance pressure cooker starts in the market, the footsteps of Ery Shida R & D innovation gradually accelerate, the ceramic-free cigarette pan, stainless iron pot and other domestic first products have come to the market, which makes up for the market blanks, and also provides the Chinese family. More better choices.

When the kitchen enters the electrical era, Eshida once again follows the trend, accelerates technology research and development, and vigorously expand the existing electrical market. In March 2016, Eshida launched the “cyclone” and “whirlwinds” IH rice cooker with independent intellectual property rights, the smart rice cooker, electric pressure cooker and other kitchen appliances rapidly ranked among the first echelon, function, quality, design The aspects bring an excellent experience to consumers.

Up to now, Ai Shida has more than 2100 effective patents, participated in the drafting of 15 national and industry standards, and the Ali Shida Testing Center adopted the Standard Strict National Lab CNAS, and its advantages in technology innovation will be developed for the industry. Kitchen consumption upgrade is injecting continuous motivation.

Breaking – the Call of Green Kitchen

“Green”, “Health” is an important sign to create a modern kitchen. Ai Shida is well versed this demand trend, and the market is shared with high-value independent products. For example, Hesda launched a health titanium pot, which uses 99.6% high-purity titanium material, titanium-aluminum, titanium-aluminum-steel alloy manufacturing cookware, but also overcomes a number of technical difficulties; Alice Titanium melted diamond whirlwind non-stick At the same time that guarantees cooking, it can effectively control the cigarette; oil you control the series of wok to help users rationally control the oil volume of cooking, improve the health control awareness … Constantly innovative Eshida product line, provide a healthy kitchen environment High quality solution.

At the same time, in order to meet the consumer’s broader requirements for the quality of the kitchen, Eshida extends the product line from the cookware and electrical appliances to smart home. In 2017, Ai Shida has shared Zhejiang Jiate Insulation Technology Co., Ltd., fully entered the global high-end insulation container industry. Now, in Ai Shida’s product roster, smart thermostat cup, glass, wake cup, insulation pot, insulation box, incubator, chopping board, tool and other home essential supplies, covering metal, ceramics, bamboo wood , Glass, plastic, textile, etc., all have been given healthy, nutrition, energy saving, environmentally friendly intrinsic characteristics, becoming an ideal choice for high-end green kitchens, more from the kitchen to the restaurant, living room, meeting Chinese family higher levels Life appeal.

Cross-border – Macro vision for people

The kitchen changes induce consumption upgrade, and the consumption upgrade has strongly promoted industrial innovation, which makes the new time of cookware manufacturing enterprises have a broad thinking space. Is it the focus source leading innovation or to tease the downstream acceleration expansion? Combined with the scientific analysis of policies, situation, market, Ai Shida has chosen the most powerful way – playing the world with “smart manufacturing”. The deployment of this strategy is both in response to the national call, focusing on the future, and is also the speed of Eva speed, accelerating the transformation of technology transformation.

Since 2016, the acquisition of Qianjiang robot has started the intelligent manufacturing strategy. In less than two years, the Songsheng robot, Lao Bo logistics, polished and grinding Solorin, Australian CSF, etc. in less than two years. The integrated application company, Jiangyan intelligence in the field of car engine, established Shanghai Intelligent Research Institute, deep research and promotion of machine vision, MES, industrial cloud platform, etc. On July 5, 2018, Ai Shida Shanghai Intelligent Valley started in Qingpu Park, a platform for raising robot R & D, integration, and intelligent manufacturing overall solutions has been formed.

追忆四十年厨房变迁 爱仕达引领革新之路

Ai Shida intelligent manufacturing strategy is based on the manufacturing of robotic body and core components, providing a comprehensive solution for China’s manufacturing enterprises, and has become China’s leading intelligent manufacturing service providers. This is not only the inherent requirements of the industrial upgrade, but also the only way to meet the consumer demand in the new era. The mainstream consumption groups of 80, 90 should integrate with higher-end quality and personalized traits, and efficient, automatic, standardized robot production lines can flexibly respond to each detail upgrade of the future, accelerate advancement technology. Transformation of results. Looking at the world, Ai Shida products have exported more than 60 countries and regions. It has established OEM / ODM cooperation with more than 300 companies at home and abroad. There are no latten brands such as Calphalon, Le Creuset, USA, in order to better attach international, intelligent manufacturing. Will play the role in the future.

In the past 40 years, the consumer kitchen has changed, recorded the innovation of Ali Shida, and also transmitted the mission of this industry leader – enhanced the quality of life. Under the “Double Wheel Drive” strategy of “smart, ecological home” + “robot, intelligent manufacturing”, Ai Shida will continue to lead the kitchen change and write a new industry. On August 31, the 40th anniversary of Auda will be held in Shanghai. Auda will officially release the “double-wheel drive” strategy, bringing the latest intelligent, ecological home products, so stay tuned!