Friends appreciates the collective silence, double excellent security is only the biceps showing the Han EV show.


– Children will do the choice, and adults are of course me. This sentence may be the portrayal of BYD.


In June and July, June and July, BYD Han EV has experienced C-IASI China Insurance Automobile Safety Index Collision Test, and C-NCAP China’s new car evaluation procedures safety certification.

It is not only the expectations, and it is also expected. Han EV first clearance C-IASI, which will won the C-NCAP five-star safety certification with 91.5% of the comprehensive rate of 91.5%, and become China’s first new energy sedan.

Two details in these two collision tests are very interesting.

As the first Chinese brand new energy sedan participating in the China Branch of C-IASIs, in 25% bias collision test, Han EV performance exceeded “G” value, sturdy and complete body ensures internal passenger cabin deformation Far less than the excellent limit requirements.

In C-NCAP collision test on July 21, Han EV passed the high score through 100% frontal collision, 40% bias collision and side collision test, its active safety evaluation was divided into 15.00 points, score The rate is 100%.

Double excellent safety is not easy

BYD has been in the past, and the scholars will be seen in the three days, which is particularly obvious in the Han EV. Why is Han EV to be rendered close to the perfect posture in two collision tests?

Perhaps we can find the answer from the history of the birth of the Han. In 2015, BYD was established on the four-door coupe electric car for code E9, and E9 is the predecessor of BYD Han EV. From BYD E9 to Han EV last year, this whole uses BYD five years.

That time, it was the time when the new power is husty and bustle. The birth of new forces, brutal growth, continuously robbing the headlines of major media, and indeed “subverting” the “slow industry” of the car to a certain extent, it is almost like manufacturing a car. It is easy to make a mobile phone, which is easy, so fast.

If it is placed in the current environment, it is estimated that many people will do not understand. Why should BYD choose “Small Surie” when the three-electric core technical reserves have been fully equipped After the matter, the “Leading” concept runs through the end of the Han EV at least two things.

The first thing is the end of 2016, the former Audi Design Director Egg’s joining. Under his fencing, “Dragon Face” became a brand new design language of BYD, inserted a flying wings for BYD’s design.


The second thing is waiting in the blade battery. From the fuel car to the electric vehicle, the core of the car is also converted from the engine to a battery.

Of course, it is much more much better than the second thing to do better than the first thing. BYD from BYD, has a deeper understanding of electric vehicles.


In March 2020, in the congenitally safe lithium iron phosphate battery, the BYD revolutionically developed a super-phosphate battery-blade battery.


The original high-end and high-security and high-security collision contradictory contradictions are not more combined with the blade battery. It is followed by July BYD Han EV powder.

Of course, the security of Han EV is not only reflected in battery safety, but also in the safe.


Han EV established a “framework structure” solution. The main feature is “middle hard, two soft” to ensure that the occupant can still maintain a complete structure in the collision.


But this did not end, and the Han EV opened the last paragraph “cruel journey” before listed. It has experienced high temperature, alpine, high altitude and other tests, from warm and humid Hainan, to cold and dry Takestone, then to high temperature and extremely hot Turpan, he left a rut to test the car.

Five years have a car, for countless BYD people, Han EV’s “Double Five-Star Safety” is not easy.


Double excellent safety is now famous


The following thing, maybe most users are not necessarily clear.

BYD started a lot of work in security during the development of the Han model. For example, through a data model to simulate a vehicle, system, subsystem, and components during collision, and optimize.

That is to say, when the vehicle is not formed, each of the partial parts is first to pass through the safety. Nature, this will make strict challenges to BYD’s testing capabilities, which is very difficult, but this is difficult to reverse BYD.

Before and after 2010, BYD screamed 400 million huge money, and three laboratory should be built. Among them, single-cost 150 million car safety collision laboratory is one of the world’s most advanced automotive safety collisions.

At the beginning of 2020, in the eve of BYD Han, the BYD Security Lab made a comprehensive safety test against Han EVs.

In addition to the basic car front, offset, side collision test, Han EV has also experienced 40% overlapping rigid barrier collision, 25% overlapping rigid barrier collision, and chasing, tumble, hit column, and two cars Some collisions such as high-speed travel and other super-beauty standards, European standard tests.

As a pure tram, Han EV is still in safety testing, increasing battery safety “battery pack ball strike experiment” and “fire experiment”, and finally, even “Water Water Safety Experiment” has not been released. It can be seen that BYD has a full-scale “no one cost, not investment” for the safety calibration of Han EV.


In fact, Han EV is just a fine epitary of BYD. But this epitome can be clearly reflected in the characteristics of BYD: “Adhere to and stick to” in the traditional, “open and creating” in the car, stably in hand.

In 2021, it was a fantastic year. A batch of car companies were in trouble, and a group of companies rebounded, and there were very few companies to new, success or failure is like adding levers, very violent.

It is a short-selling sales in BYD, and is a dusty sales in BYD. In July, the total sales volume of the family of BYD had reached 8,522, and the total sales volume of the listing broke through 100,000 vehicles. The most focused pure electric car models were maintained in more than 5,000 months, and continued to lead Independent brand large cars market.


At the same time, it is also benefited from the strong market performance of the BYD Han series, BYD has become the brand of the first premium rate in autonomous vehicle enterprises.

A monitoring data released by Wilson showed that the average price of BYD in China has reached 151,800 yuan in July this year. This manifestation has even earnestly surpasses the public as the mainstream joint venture leader.


At the moment, BYD Dolphins has been officially released, and the BYD E platform starts to start the next stage. There are still many stories about BYD to make a car.


Safety is the pursuit of BYD never stopped …