There are so many clothes style, but will you only t-shirt? Ultra total clothes English claimed!


For women, the happiest thing is nothing more than buying! Among them, the favorite bought is of course a variety of clothes! Wearing a good-looking clothes, the whole person’s mood will instantly change blingbling, which seems to be shining. But the kind of good-looking clothes are now, but you all collect them as Shirt / T-Shirt? Let’s take the following words!


1. Open-stayer top Shop


As the name, Open-stayer is the empty shoulder, ie reversed clothes, TOP refers to the top; there is a word like it, called Off-shouth top, “off-shouth” means not in your shoulders, shirt shoulders There is no fabric at all, that is, the meaning of “one word leader”.

2. Tube Top flat mouth strap shirt (tube top blouse)

Tube originally the meaning of “tube”, because the Tube Top itself is a top dish without a shoulder strap, very like a supported pipe shape, is this very well?

Tube Top is relatively rare in China, but very popular in foreign women, in the summer, many people will use Tube Top to wear jeans, very convenient.

3. SWEATSHIRT sports long cotton T


SWEATSHIRT is combined by “SWEAT” and “Shirt”. Such clothes are usually long sleeves. In addition to the athletes often wear, people who are pursued in life will often wear, mainly In order to maintain temperature and sweat.

4. SWEATER sweater

When I said SWEATSHIRT, I will think of Sweater. It seems that there is not much difference, but in fact the material is very different; Sweater is a knitted or wool clothes, while Sweatshirt is cotton clothes. In addition, it is often used in the UK to use “Jumper” to express a sweater.

5. Hoodie cap T


Hood originally has the meaning of “hood, hat”, so this is derived from Hoodie’s statement, and it is a more lovely statement.

6. Turnleneck high collar shirt

High collar shirt must be a must-have item in winter, look good, warm, three! Next, if you want to ask the other party, there is no high collar, use Turnleneck to replace “high collar”!

7. Windbreaker windproof coat


Wind: Wind, Break: Destruction, the destruction of the wind is the meaning of wind wind, and the biggest role of the windproof jacket is to remember this word easier with Lenovo memory.

8. Bomber Jacket Flight Jacket


The flight jacket is a very popular coat in recent years, and it is also very cool after wearing. But in the earliest, it was actually designed and worn for military drivers, because in the war, military drivers need to put bombs in the air, so they have known.

9. Cardigan cardigan sweater


The difference between Cardigan and Sweater is that Cardigan is a button and is a cardigan.


This word actually comes from a major general of Wells, England. He is the count in the Cardigan area. At that time, the British officers during the war will wear a sweater, which may be the reason why the general has helped promotion. After the war, The style of the cardigan sweater began to become popular, so people use the name of the general to commemorate.

10. Blazer suit jacket

Blazer is also a very popular fashion suit jacket. It is more accomplished with traditional suitcases. Blazer will feel more casual, you can directly match a jeans or chiffon skirt, will not be so dead and official.

The above is the type of ten kinds of different styles, saying that “women’s wardrobe will always lack a piece of clothes” above 10 categories, have you lacking? Quick love in the comment area!


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