Anonymity question: How should I set a rule in the e-commerce system, product coding, etc.


SKU coding, product coding, etc. in the e-commerce system, how to give the coding rule? How to associate with the actual business?

In the design e-commerce system, the problem of the formulation of the coded rules is encountered, and the rules cannot be combined in conjunction with the actual business scene.

For example, SKU coding and product coding, this in the design of the actual product, how to give coding rules, SKU coding, and product coding in rules? What is the application in the actual business?

In the formulation of the coding rules in the e-commerce system, what methods and attention are placed.

If it is a self-operated platform such as Jingdong self-operated, their SKU number and product number are the corresponding relationship, and a product number corresponds to a SKU. Their coding rules are not clear, and will be based on the coding of items, attributes, etc., you can look at the introduction of their official website.

If it is a Tmall, this non-self-operated platform, their product numbers or called item numbers, the number of SPUs is not SKU. A SPU corresponds to multiple SKUs. When the two is purchased, it is obvious that you choose the size color after you choose the product, Jingdong will have a significant page refresh, and Taobao will not.

Share the commodity coding rules of the brand in Taobao, and its children’s clothing is still very nice. The following map product name has a commodity code, EB616106, EG611101, which is a SPU code, not SKU. EB616106 represents in turn:

E represents the meant on the line, and the family has a beginning, and the brand name Anneer is on the line.

B and G are represented by BOY and GIRL

6 Representatives is the year, which is 16 years of goods, 5 is 15 years of goods.

1 represents the season, spring. 2 is the summer, and so on.

The second 6 representative is a style, and the 6th representative is a pants, other skirts, shirts, down jackets, etc. have corresponding digital representatives.

106 represents the batch, which is the 106th product of this batch.

After the definition is clear, it is easy to distinguish the item. Brandors will set this content according to their specific circumstances, and the overall requirements are the only simple and easy to identify, facilitate subsequent statistical tracking for business services.

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